XTN – Advanced Behavioural Fraud Prevention

XTN – Advanced Behavioural Fraud Prevention

XTN Cognitive Security Platform® is composed of intelligent solutions and services able to answer the security needs, from banking, fintech, e-commerce and industry 4.0 frauds to app and mobile transaction protection.

Since 2014 XTN® has focused on the development of security, Fraud and Mobile Threat Prevention advanced behaviour-based solutions, with our first financial transaction focused solutions released in 2016.

Smart Anti-Fraud Shield (SMASH®) is aXTNnti-Fraud framework based on a widespread model of Transaction Monitoring. It ‘learns to recognise’ users of online payment services and their usual behaviour thanks to Closed Algorithms, able to analyze and to correlate more than one hundred parameters. This information is then correlated and matched with behaviours of users themselves, determining in real time the risk factor of every transaction.

Smart Authentication (SA®) is the ultimate solution for customer authentication and transaction signing,based on behavioural and risk based continuous evaluation, designed for innovative e-payment services. It provides a smart customer authentication and transaction signing based on mobile applications, but also covering the different channels typically offered by modern e-payment providers.

Mobile Operative Risk Evaluator (MORE®) is a ‘plug & play’ solution able to know if a transaction was securely executed and if the users really are who they say they are, providing stronger identification of advanced cyber attacks; it is capable of analyzing whether a device is compromised and can correlate its behavioural and biometric analysis with the user’s business and multi-device data (if the customer uses multiple devices to interact with the service) in order to provide a wider, more sophisticated range of protection.

The Evolution of SMASH
SMASH® is based on the growing needs of EFM’s (Enterprise Fraud Management) solution, in order to provide a unique framework able to manage Anti-Fraud processes across different channels.

The FFA state that remote purchase fraud has increased 20% during the last year.