June 2017 – Testimonial from Atrato Capital – www.atratocapital.com

Dear Gwen

I originally trialed nCryptedCloud for personal use because I was concerned about keeping my personal financial data in the cloud. That was a really positive experience, using OneDrive personal plus your Win 10 and Android apps.

I recently started my own business, Atrato, and had the same concerns regarding cloud storage confidentiality. The implementation of nCrypted Cloud for business has been very impressive, the OneDrive for business implementation by Microsoft less so. We ended up switching to Google Drive for business so that our people can access shared drives through the normal folder view in File Explorer. The support from the nCrypted Cloud team has been outstanding. We had numerous issues with Microsoft integration (all Microsoft’s fault..) and Ricky and the US team were always available to guide us through. Your team’s approach of owning the problem and finding a solution is exactly the way to achieve long term customer loyalty.

I’ll certainly be recommending nCrypted Cloud to other start ups

Best regards


JCL Consulting Ltd – www.jclconsulting.com
I recently had a conversation with Charles Greenwood from JCL Consulting about why he had chosen nCrypted Cloud for his business and he said:

” I needed a simple to implement encryption service that didn’t need an IT department to implement. I tried various products and despite being fairly IT literate found them over-complicated. This solution seemed simple and had a very quick and effective response and demo from Ricky.” I then asked Charles what was his experience during the implementation of nCrypted Cloud and what problems developed and how did you find working with us to solve these problems? He said “We had a few issues in setting up across multiple computers and getting the right versions and updates. However, we always had very quick and fantastic support from the team at nCrypted Cloud who resolved problems and where we had ongoing issues flagged these to developers to resolve them”. As i continued to probe Charles I asked what business processes does nCrypted Cloud enhance? Charles replied “It enables us to easily encrypt our sensitive data and share it securely when needed. We have benefited from this by knowing that our data is protected and that support is just a phone call away. Finally I enquired “If you did not use nCrypted Cloud what impact would this have on your business? He responded by saying “We would probably be reliant on an IT expert to implement the solution and to troubleshoot any problems we might have which would probably be expensive, slow, and time consuming.”

In summary nCrypted Cloud have enabled JCL Consulting to protect their sensitive data in an easy to use manner.

Alacrita – www.alacrita.com
Alacrita’s vision as a life science consulting firm is to bring together world class expertise to deliver real value to their clients. By doing so, they support their customers by delivering for them across a wide spectrum – from product innovation to development, delivering their customer-focused ideas right the way through to commercialization. With a range of customers in their portfolio, Alacrita has always stayed abreast of new technology and equally as a business they have always taken data security seriously. So they were looking for software that would provide them with additional security.

I interviewed Anthony Walker, Managing Partner from Alacrita about his experience of nCrypted Cloud to date.

Before purchasing nCrypted Cloud, Alacrita used a variety of methods to secure their data but Anthony said “they had come to realise that mainstream cloud storage providers are increasingly vulnerable to hack attacks. We needed a solution to better protect our – and, more importantly our clients’ – proprietary data and confidential information”. Additionally, they wanted a solution that would (a) be compatible with their existing workflows, (b) involve minimal adaptation and training to implement and (c) be cost effective”.

Now that everyone is using nCrypted Cloud, the team at Alacrita have encrypted all of their data. Nonetheless, I still enquired if they had any problems during the implementation of nCrypted Cloud and Anthony replied “Some users had difficulty connecting their corporate Dropbox to nCryptedCloud, but Tech Support was on hand to solve these minor issues. There were some compatibility issues as we converted to Windows 10, but this was corrected by updates from nCrypted Cloud”

I also wanted to find out from Anthony how much time does nCrypted Cloud save his employees or how have they benefitted from using nCrypted Cloud and Anthony stated “It does not save time (indeed, there is a minor time penalty, that’s the cost for enhanced security), but it greatly increases the security of our cloud-based data and our email communications. We see this as a risk-reduction strategy, designed to improve o