Cyber Security Blog

“Cyber Security is the on-going application of best practices that are intended to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of digital information that ensures the safety of people and environments.” Chris Moschovitis

Cyber security is a subset of information security focusing on protecting digital information assets in their ecosystem. For businesses, cyber security technology, gives you controls that act against risk and thus mitigates against loss. So the first thing to determine what is an acceptable level of risk for your business.

What is risk?

Well risk is a combination of the likelihood of an event and its impact. There will always be some risk left over even after you have put in a range of security solutions, but you need to know what is that residual risk and choose to accept that level of risk or not.  For this you have to examine the data your business holds. You see there are degrees of confidentiality and these need to be determine. Starting with this helps to determine what information you are trying to protect. Consider whether this data is Top Secret, Secret or Confidential. This a good baseline that will help you to begin to put controls in place to address protecting your data. What you cant do in any business is do everything. Meaning.the cost of controls cannot exceed the value of the assets that you are trying to protect. That’s why cyber security is an ongoing process that constantly needs to be updated..