Ajax Intelligence

Ajax Intelligence is the first enterprise class solution that is influenced and guided by the UK Government (GCHQ)  and Cyber Intelligence agencies (NCSC) that is truly effective against email phishing attacks today.

Why is spear phishing a threat?

Unlike consumer phishing email campaigns (high volume, broad in scope), spear phishing attacks are highly targeted. The attackers use carefully crafted emails combined with social engineering tactics to convince the victim to open and engage with the email.

Cyber criminals will often leverage data from breaches and social network sites, as well as public data about an organisation and its employees. These emails appear to come from a trusted sender which in turn asks the recipient to perform an action, which typically is to click on an embedded link, open a webpage and enter a password. Once this action is taken, the cybercriminal is able to steal confidential information, or build a persistent threat into the organisation where they can build backdoors to allow entry back into a breached network even if discovered.

Ajax Intelligence has been designed from the outset to detect newly created spear phishing emails and therefore does not rely on previous signatures. Looking at technical, linguistics and meta-data, of an email, gives Enterprise grade security to cloud based SME’s.

I thought that email gateways stop spear phishing?

Email gateways can be good at stopping mass spam or known phishing campaigns, by identifying known signatures to stop obvious patterns. However, advanced attacks utilising spear phishing techniques, often escape static rules because the text does not register any obviously spam based keywords with to much weighting being given to the sender’s reputation.

Don’t understand the context of the email gateways

Email gateways typically look to infer phishing, by looking for attached malware and embedded links going to known identified phishing websites. However attackers use a much more researched approach with the email coming from legitimate email addresses without any obvious malicious signals. It becomes doubly difficult as the email subject can parrot the interests or job role of the potential victim.

How long does it take to install Ajax Intelligence?

It can be installed in minutes, is intuitive for users to understand, and for the first time gives companies analytics to understand their own phishing threat profile. Ajax Intelligence continually learns and evolves to offer up to date protection to every user automatically.