Grad Technologies

 We provide a range of cyber security solutions for your business.


Speed, innovation, and customer engagement are the hallmarks of every great business. We help our clients achieve all three. Whether you need technology, services, or expertise, we deliver.


Cyber Security and Risk Management are just one of the many topics businesses have to consider today.   We focus upon your current business needs and help you to get the right solution that fits your business needs and challenges.  This means that if we do not have the right product for you within our portfolio of products then we can introduce you to one of our trusted partners. You will see we have a range of products that focus on four key areas:-

  • Detection
  • Prevention
  • Threats
  • Remediation

Our guiding core principles are based upon “respecting our partnerships” with our clients and suppliers, we believe in trust, openness, and honesty and we aim to deliver and exceed your expectations by offering a superior customer service experience. We believe in helping our customers to get the right solution that meets their needs, as well as getting value for money and great customer service.

We want you to find out more about the technologies we sell, so do have a read through our website and get in touch so that we can give you a 30-minute demonstration either on-site or via the internet.

“Cyber security is the ongoing application of best practices that are intended to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data”